The Wedding Gift - Zankie Fic - Part Two


A/N - Apparently I don’t know how to write one shots, because this one keeps growing.  The first two parts were each longer than I thought the whole story would be and there are still one or two more parts to come. So, this is no longer a one shot.  It’s a mini series now.  But I do promise it won’t be a full fledged serial like Time to Think (which I still have to finish). 

Anyway, Part two is a little angsty, but It seems honest to me.  I hope you enjoy it.  Part three will be up this evening sometime, but I need a couple hours break from the computer.   

Y’all know the drill right?  This is fiction.  It’s not real.  I’m just stealing inspiration from Zach and Frankie.  Nothing more.

If you missed Part One, just click the words and they’ll take you there.    

Part Two:

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